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Beauty, Massage & Wellness


75 MIN | 119 €

Facial treatment tailored to the needs of the skin.
Cleansing, eyebrow correction, peeling, deep cleansing, appropriate mask, serum, facial massage, day care.

45 MIN | 75 €
2x a year with new delicious scents! The “Gourmet” treatment with valuable plant ingredients, each adapted to the season provides a sense of well-being, suppleness and protection, it compensates for vitamin and mineral deficiencies of the skin. The heat, cold and dry air has caused and gives it new radiance.

60 MIN | 119 €
Pure care pleasure and highly effective treatment with volcanic stone extract. Perfect for skin fitness and energetic radiance. A mechanical peeling as facial cleansing;
scalp massage with revitalizing hair lotion; anti-aging facial serum; face, neck and shoulder massage; mask according to skin needs and final day care. Including Exebrow correction.

65 MIN | 169€
Crystal microdermabrasion is an individually applicable, highly effective procedure to rid the skin of cornification, pigment irregularities and small wrinkles or scars. The older we get the more cell renewal slows down and the faster the skin becomes cornified. The result of this can be impurities, dry skin and a sallow complexion. By means of ultrasound, after the intensive peeling, the active ingredients in need are incorporated.
A spa treatment can reduce pigmentation spots, refine scars and large-pored skin and reduce wrinkles. On the body, soften and smooth stretch marks in the early stages.

80 MIN | 142€
This facial treatment deeply cleanses with the help of tropical flowers and fruits, rich in amino acids and vitamins, combined with a relaxing massage technique for a deep relaxation for body and mind. This treatment in a Balinese ritual, gives a radiant complexion, a leaning deep purification and cleansing of the skin thanks to the active ingredients of the double peeling, the pinching movements and the removal of blackheads for a beautiful, luminous and immediately noticeable velvety soft skin.

60 MIN | 119€
Five tropical flowers in combination with Kombuchka® unfold their effect during a relaxing derma puncture massage of the face, neck and trapezius muscle.
This cleanse and purifies the skin down to the deeper layers.
The freshness kick for your face. Including eyebrows reshaping.

60 MIN | 129 €
Inspired by the Japanese “Ko Bi Do” massage, this manual lifting is a true “all-round anti-aging” treatment that deeply soothes wrinkles, tightens the skin, reduces pigmentation spots and provides a radiant complexion, targeting the eye contour, mouth, décolleté and arms. Your skin becomes plumper, smoother, more radiant and the complexion appears relaxed. Including eyebrows reshaping.

80 MIN | 169 €
This globally acting, naturally lifting anti-aging treatment based on the “Ko-Bi-Do” massage uses a customized concentrate that has a deep anti-wrinkle effect, improving firmness and elasticity of the skin. Special attention is paid to the most affected areas, eye area, mouth, décolleté and arms. Alternately, the body is pampered with energetic pulses, anti-wrinkle and lifting grips and energetic massages to stimulate the energy flow of the face and décolleté. This dispose of toxins and tightens facial muscles – the main causes of wrinkles.
This treatment combines 50 different firming grips – a natural face lift with proven effectiveness after the first treatment.

290 MIN | 639 € (you save 75€)
1x Ultimate Age-Defying Beauty Ritual facial treatment (80 MIN)
1x “KO BI DO” Lifting and plumping “FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH” Facial (50 MIN)



45 MIN | 72 €
This partial body massage, individually tailored to your needs, releases tension, loosens muscles, provides deep relaxation, inner balance and natural energy.
Different focuses for the upper or lower part of the body can be combined according to your wishes. You decide whether strong, intensive and activating or gentle, harmonizing and relaxing.

60 MIN | 99 €
Intensive massage of the neck, back and legs to relieve tension.

90 MIN | 139 €
Intensive deep-tissue massage that targets tensions and blockages in a very
tensions and blockages.

50 MIN | 99 €
This Invigorating Indian Ayurvedic Massage is based on the Ayurvedic healing art and means “knowledge of life and longevity”. This healing art teaches how to balance the physical, mental and spiritual energy to maintain a general state of good health.
This treatment is an invigorating massage of the muscles with alternating fast and slow movements, releasing muscle tension and giving energy and vitality.
It is performed with warm Universal Ayurvedic oil, a cocktail of sesame, neem and boswellia oils, using numerous movements to stimulate the metabolism and vital bodily functions while combating physical and mental fatigue.
The scents of vanilla and cardamom will accompany you.

50 MIN | 119€
This herbal pouches massage by VITALIS Dr. Joseph is a powerful and intensive full-body treatment with precious natural oils, select herbal blends and unique combinations of active components. The herbal stamps are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure. This stimulating technique and the herbs used help to relieve stress, while the finest aroma massage oils bring you vitality. Start off balanced and full of energy!

50 MIN| 99€
80 MIN | 139 €
Traditional deep stroking movements and gentle Thai stretching movements combine. Joints become more supple, key energetic points are stimulated. Body and mind enjoy deep relaxation. In addition, a delicate balm with tropical nuts of coconut, tamanu and kemiri, with regenerating and nourishing properties. The mild and spicy notes of bergamot, gaiac wood and cedar will take you to the deepest interior of the distant kingdom of Siam.

50 MIN | 99 €
This Traditional Oriental Massage is extremely relaxing and balancing thanks to a slow and enveloping technique from the Maghreb, through large-area and long strokes regenerate body and mind.
A feeling of harmony flows through the body, the Traditional Oriental Massage has a soothing, calming and relaxing effect. The skin is moisturized and silky soft thanks to the delicate nourishing properties of the precious warm oil consisting of argan, sesame and olive oil from the Orient. the scent of orange blossoms and leaves gives you an unforgettable and sensual journey to the heart of the Orient.

50 MIN | 99 €
80 MIN | 139 €

This relaxing and revitalizing massage from Polynesia is inspired by the healers of the Polynesian islands and the movements of Lomi Lomi’s (massage techniques with the forearms) to efficiently release muscle tension and purify the body.
This treatment is performed with a mixture of the precious balm and oil, based on a monoi complex from Tahiti and Noni with its nourishing properties and fragrances of aromatic tiare concentrate and white flowers that will transport you to a white sand beach in Polynesia.

During this treatment, the masseur uses a heated volcanic stone on the back, sacrum and eyes to induce deep muscle relaxation, but also to achieve a draining and detoxifying effect through gentle pressure movements on specific meridians.

60 MIN | 99€
A soothing and regenerating body treatment inspired by the Japanese bathing ceremony. A special peeling makes the skin supple and soft; an energetic foot massage and a relaxing balancing body massage will take you to the land of cherry blossoms.

25 MIN | 45 €     50 MIN | 90 €
80 MIN | 135 €   110 MIN | 160 €

Enjoy the experience, of a fluid and harmonious art of touch.
The rhythm of the waves will loosen your body, with the use of a biological warm oil. Your weightless body gets into a deep relaxation.

60 MIN | 99 €     

it allows the woman to balance and refocus on her maternity project.
it stimulates the circulation of energy and blood to the uterus and ovary
it relaxes the mental charge, soothes anxiety and the anticipation of pregnancy through the secretion of endorphins.
it helps the brain’s neurochemical balance to function properly, influencing hormone levels.

60 MIN | 89 €     

The basic idea behind a Reiki massage is the constant flow of the life energy Qi, which is found in the human body. Even within traditional Chinese medicine, Qi is regarded as the guiding principle for the treatment of various physical and psychological imbalances.
It is assumed that a blockage in the flow of vital energy is responsible for physical or mental blockages that increasingly impair a person’s vitality. By restoring a smooth flow of energy, the complaints can be successfully treated and the person’s health restored on a holistic level.

Wellness (from 80 Min)

90 MIN | 139 €
( relaxing massage from Polynesia 60 min + facial treatment Flowers of Bali 30 min).
The treatment starts with a relaxing massage followed by a  facial treatment with selected skin care products. The combination achieves deep relaxation, uses the calming and healing powers of nature, soothes the skin and makes it look full of radiance.

120 MIN | 179 €
( relaxing massage from Polynesia 60 min + foot massage 30 min + facial treatment Flowers from Bali 30 min)
The treatment starts with a relaxing  massage followed by a foot massage. The combination achieves deep relaxation, uses the calming and healing powers of nature and stimulates reflex points on the feet. Tensions are released, blood circulation is stimulated and a pleasant feeling of well-being is created. Finally, a facial treatment with selected care products relaxes and soothes the skin, leaving it looking full of radiance.

80 MIN | 152 €
This Invigorating Aromatic Scrub with precious spices comes from an ancient ritual of the island of Java, the Boreh, traditionally practiced in Indonesian villages during the rainy season; it is a spice and herb-based scrub that invigorates muscle pain caused by physical exertion and provides relief to the joints. This original and relaxing treatment contains five spices with invigorating and purifying effects:
Sea salt and almond powder, cinnamon concentrate, patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver, clove and vanilla oil, which gently cleanse the skin, invigorate the body and make the skin silky soft.
Followed by the Indian Ayurvedic full body massage, an invigorating massage of the muscles with alternating fast and slow movements, releasing muscle tension and giving energy and vitality.
It is performed with warm Universal Ayurvedic oil, a cocktail of sesame, neem and boswellia oils, using numerous movements to stimulate the metabolism and vital bodily functions while combating physical and mental fatigue.

80 MIN | 152 €
120 MIN | 179 €

The Radiance Scrub “Puree of Papaya”: An excellent natural scrub rich in papain (gentle fruit acid) which has the soft texture of a real fruit puree enriched with fine crushed coconut and Diatomaceous earth. Papaya Puree is applied with gestures combining stretches and circular movements for a soft and deep scrub. When this treatment is over, easy and immediate washing leaves the skin looking unified, smooth and ready for the Balinese massage (50 min or 80 min): This massage performed using the Tropical Nuts Melting Balm relies on slow gestures and gentle stretching. The body feels supple again and movements are performed with a hot towel under the nape of the neck, liberating the tensions at the top of the back. The Tropical Nuts Melting Balm leaves skin hydrated and nourishes thanks to the benefits of 3 tropical nuts.

135 MIN | 195 €

This Traditional Hammam Ritual is inspired by the oriental tradition and attaches great importance to the purification rituals of the Hammam. According to tradition, the principle is to visit the multiple rooms in the Hammam one after the other. Cinq Mondes has decided to go to the source of the traditional treatments and completes them with its Aromas and Colors Method.

It starts with the Beldi Black Soap Scrub, after a session in a private Hammam. On the practitioner applies Black Beldi Soap on the entire body thanks to deep and relaxing movements. After the Black Beldi Soap has been put on and rinsed off, the practitioner exfoliates the body with the Kassa glove and helps the skin to look radiant again.

It continues with the Rassoul Cream Body Wrap: This wrap, made with clay tightens the pores and brightens the complexion. When this body beauty mask scented with oriental essential oils is on, the practitioner performs a head massage.

Finally, the Oriental Traditional Massage (50 min: for two plan an additional 30 mins): This massage will soothe you thanks to slow enveloping gestures, skillfully contrasting with the efforts the body needs in the hammam. The Sumptuous Oil from the Orient, applied during the massage, has a hydrating effect thanks to the subtle cocktail of olive oil, argan oil, sesame oil, essential oils of cinnamon.

This Traditional Hammam Ritual brings together all the benefits of the Hammam for you to experience a divine moment and enjoy relaxing massages. This ritual leaves you with a real sensation of purification and suppleness.

80 MIN | 152 €
120 MIN | 179 €
The Sublime scrub with Tahiti Monoi (even for sensitive skin types): This treatment combines smoothing using fists, knuckles and undulatory movements (resembling ocean waves) with complex virtues of Tahiti Monoi and Noni, tare flowers soaked in sugar and coconut powder to refine skin texture leaving it polished and magnifying the suntan.
It is followed by the Sublime Relaxing Massage from Polynesia (50min or 80min): During this massage, the practitioner uses a hot volcanic stone on the back, sacrum and eyes for deep relaxation of the muscles but also for a draining and detoxifying effect thanks to soft pressure on specific meridian lines.

Problem Zones

Targeted treatments against cellulite and problem areas
Traditional rituals and massages in combination with natural active ingredients
have a detoxifying and fat-reducing effect. You will feel lighter and more comfortable, your skin will become firmer. As a rule, people do a detox cure two or three times a year, and some prefer therapeutic fasting. No matter what you call it, you can intensify this process of purification (therapeutic fasting), detoxification (detox) and regeneration. Book a cure now to ensure a lasting effect.

20 MIN | 45 €
This Relaxing Leg Massage, based on Traditional Indian Medicine, comes from an Ayurvedic tradition that helps you regain balance and stimulates the vital functions of the body.

It is an invigorating and draining massage that stimulates blood and lymph circulation and leg muscles, bringing a feeling of lightness and vitality. This treatment is performed with the cream Light legs and feet, consisting of a biological extract of aloe vera, bamboo, arnica, menthol and camphor, which stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the legs.

50 MIN | 97 €
Against cellulite on legs, hips and arms caused by water retention. A millennia-old beauty ritual for targeted purification. At the beginning, a warming body wrap frees the skin from toxins. This enhances the effectiveness of active ingredients such as ginger and Lipocare® (patented, slimming active ingredient). This is followed by a manual preventive lymphatic drainage. This effective treatment is gentle and has an anti-inflammatory effect, supporting your body’s natural cleansing process.

50 MIN | 105 €
Inspired by traditional Brazilian and Indian medicine, this treatment combines kneading, rubbing and percussive grips to achieve a detoxifying and draining effect of the tissues. It restores balance to the body and a positive self-image is achieved. The treatment begins with a questionnaire in order to provide an optimized individua treatment based on your needs. The treatment starts with the stimulation of important energy points of the body, then the problem areas are treated. A holistic well-being of the body is achieved.

6-card only 525 € (you save 45 €)
Including anamnesis of the problem zones

10er card only 999 € (you save 100 €)
Including extensive anamnesis of the problem zones and a full body peeling. Can also be combined with massages depending on your needs.

Hand & Feet

60 MIN | 75 € without nailpolish

70 MIN | 85 € inkl. nailpolish
Comprehensive manicure with peeling, kerosene bath, hand massage and final lacquering.

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